This machine is a hydraulic panel punching press that has been patented first in Korea and has been designed with the special emphasis on safety. The machine is capable of processing a stainless plate used for switch boards and a steel plate used for fire proof door. The operator can move the boards forth/back and left/right easily to process materials. In addition, the machine can carry out any type of processing in accordance with desired sizes and shapes of metal mold.(square, circle, comercutting, louver, push, handle and etc.) The metal mold is so precise that the surfaces processed by the machine are not rough. Therefore, because surfaces processed by machine do not required to be re-worked(finished) the efficiency is improved greatly. Furthermore, the machine allows the operator to check accurately the dimension during the processing. And the operator can produce the products in large quantities. This machine is ideal for the processing of large panels(size of T3.2 x 920mm x 2,400mm)and material under bending sequence.


  • This machine is a panel punching press that has been patented first in korea. The machine has the core accessories that have been manufactured by special method and accordingly, the machine allows to produce stainless T3.0 louver.
  • The forward and backward movement can be checked through the lens attached to the upper side of the machine. The operator can check an accurate location through the lens from the mold center to Y-axis.(the scale of 0∼maximum 510mm) The crosswise movement can be checked through the scale(ruler) attached to the guide. The operator can check an accurate location through the scale(ruler) from the mold center to 0∼maximum 900mm on the left side and 0∼maximum 900mm on the right side. So the operator can process accurately and promptly.
  • The processing speed can be adjusted in accordance with various processing through up/down adjustment limit.
  • A safety cover has been attached to the machine for the operator’s safety.
  • The machine has been designed to allow an easy and prompt replacement and fixing of metal molds.
  • The direction of inserting a metal mold can be adjusted freely in accordance with processing method.
(560 A)
Material Thickness, Width Cylinder Stroke Punching Capacity (mm) Motor Weight
Punching STEEL T3.2X1,020mmX2,400mm 65mm (65mm) Ø6 – Ø120  10X110 (Ø6 – Ø120 10X110) 5HP-6P (220V-380V) 1,500Kg (1,600Kg)
STAINLESS T3.0X1,020mmX2,400mm
AL T4.5X1,020mmX2,400mm