Tecno Mesin Utama has been supplying machines to metal working industry since 2005 with amount more than a half thousand units in Indonesia Market.

We supply high performance fabricating and sheet metal machinery including :

  1. Press Brakes (Hydraulic and Servo Motor)
  2. Shearing Machine (Swing beam and Guillotine)
  3. Notching (Fixed and Variable Angle)
  4. Iron Workers
  5. Indexed and Turret Punching Machines
  6. Plate Bending Rolls
  7. Profile Bending Rolls
  8. Folding Machines, Plasma Cutting Machines
  9. Laser Cutting Machines (YAG, CO2 and Fiber)
  10. V-Cutting Machines, and more.

We provide high quality machines for medium to large capacities, from mechanical to hydraulic machinery with NC and CNC control.

We also support to fulfill special purpose machine for example Panel Punching Press, Tandem Machine, CNC Beam Drilling Machine, Flanging and Dish End Press Machine, and more.

We are agent for sales and services of the best value to price machine manufactures including BAYKAL, AKYAPAK , YSD, JFY, JORNS AG, WOOJIN, EUL JI  and GOLDEN LASER.