We offer a wide range of precision engineered welding and cutting equipment such as welding cutting machines, portable cutting machines and automatic cutting machines that are known for optimum performance in lot of diverse industries. These machines also find wide application in light and heavy fabrication workshops, shipyards to ensure improved welding quality, increased production and less fatigue.

Our range includes MMA[SMAW] Welding Equipments, GMAW[MIG MAG] Welding Equipment, GTAW/TIG Welding Equipments, SAW/SUB ARC Welding Equipments, Plasma Cutting Equipments, Gas Cutting Equipments, CNC Cutting, Profile Line Equipments, Welding Auxiliary Equipments and Welding Accessories Equipment. With features:

  1. Simple Operation
  2. Extra smooth arc
  3. Automatic current stabilizing
  4. Energy saving
  5. Sturdy and proven construction
  6. Withstand extra ordinary welding environment

We are agent for sales and services of the best value to price machine manufactures including HUGONG MACHINE, and HUARUI.