Folding Machine

CNC Folding Machine

The Norma-Line, MaxiLine and Super-Line are innovations of our existing models. Our product development is driven by the ever-increasing demands of our customers. The modular design of the bending machine enables customers to configure the machine to their individual requirements. Depending on the demands, the system is equipped with the following options: graphically supported CNC controls unit, depth stop, conical depth stop, shearing system, cutting systems, hydraulic material thickness adjustment, top beam pretensioning or hem pretensioning. The machines are available in lengths of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12.2 m, and the customer can choose between the “S” standard geometry or the “F” geometry, which offers more free space. They can work steel sheets up to a thickness of 3 mm 400 N/mm. Insertion depth is 1000 / 1250 mm.