Baykal hydraulic corner cutting machines with angle setting have a strong structure with its steel table and eye tooth material provided with static and dynamic rigidity. By preferring Hydraulic Corner Cutting HKA, which is designed and manufactured as need oriented, you will make an advantageous choice for your company.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Rigidly constructed lower frame, work table, and cutting beam.
  • Easy setting of notching angle by two hand wheels.
  • Automatic blade gap adjustment for all sheet thicknesses.
  • Squaring guides, scales, and angle gauge.
  • Self-lubricating, precision guides to assure burr-free cutting.
  • Extended work table with t-slots.
  • Safe, durable, and easy operation with footswitches and a thermic-magnetic on/off switchbox which conforms to CEI and EMPl norms.
  • Scrap-collection drawer.
  • Maintenance-free hydraulics.
Model HKA 200 x 6
Variable Angle Notcher
Cutting lenght mm 200
Cutting capacity mm (42 kg/mm2) 6
Cutting capacity mm (70 kg/mm2) 3
Cutting angle degrees 5
Notching angle degrees 30° – 140°
Stroke number cuts/min 50
Motor power kW 4
Table dimension mm 920 x 730
Lenght mm 920
Width mm 1115
Height mm 1300
Weight kg 1200