Q35Y Series Hydraulic ironworker with combined punching &shearing functions are capable of cutting and punching all kinds of materials such as plate, square bar, angle, round bar, channel and so on. Meanwhile, YSD industrial Hydraulic ironworker have been specially designed and built with highest quality standard, making it outstanding for quick deliveries. This profitable machine will surely bring great convenience and benefits to any grueling fabrication shop in the forthcoming decades.

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  1. Punching

Our Hydraulic ironworker offers a wide range of comprehensive punches and dies and its unique design allows for the punching of large angle iron and channel. Large viewing window fixed on stripper swing and two large pieces of gauging table with rulers make the operation very handy. What’s more, coupling nut and sleeve is designed conveniently for rapid exchange.


  1. Shearing

Round and square bar shear are equipped with multiple holes with a variety of sizes. Meanwhile, holding down device for round or square bar and channel or beam cutting are designed adjustably for accurate plate cutting. Specifically speaking, the angle shear can cut at 45°angle from both top and bottom leg, which renders the operator make a picture frame corner for perfect welds.

Moreover, the cutting quality of Hydraulic ironworker Including Punching Shearing Notching Bending is highly guaranteed with large 15 inlaid squaring arm as well as special anti-distorted blade. And the Diamond-shaped lower blade is installed with four available edges and screws to realize flexible gap adjust and meanwhile avoid material lost and deformity.


  1. Notching

The notching section of this hydraulic ironworker is perfect for notching out metal plate, angle iron and other products. It is uniquely designed with electrical interlock safety guard and three gauging stops to realize precise positioning. And the notching station also has an oversized table with material stops. This section of Hydraulic ironworker can also be outfitted with the optional sleeve notched.


  1. Bending

All the components of Hydraulic ironworker are of the highest quality in their safety, function, capability and maintenance. And it is capable of bending the plate below 500mm.

Specification Unit Q35Y-20
Flat bar shearing Widht x Thickness mm 330 x 20, 480 x 10
Section shearing Square bar mm 50 x 50
Round bar mm Ø50
Joist (type)                    ♦ 16#
Channel (type)              ♦ 16#
T (type) mm 100 x 12
Angle bar Cutting at 90° mm 160 x 160 x 14
Cutting at 45° mm 80 x 80 x 10
Punching Diameter x Thickness mm Ø30 x 20
Ø150 x 3.5
Notching Notching die Lx W xT mm 100 x 52 x13
Flanging die (one stroke) L xT        ♦ mm 500×3
Tube notching                                    ♦ mm Ø108
Shutter die                                          ♦ mm 96 x9 x 2×3
Punching force ton 80
Max. Stroke of the cylinder mm 95
Depth of throat mm 330
Motor power KW 5.5
Overall dimension LxWxH mm 1820 x 790 x 1790
Approx. Weight kg 2000