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Features :

  1. 3Axis (X1, X2, Z) CNC control.
  2. Working system: 3Axis L/M guide & Ball screw (BOSCH Rexroth)
  3. Auto selecting function of A, B, C find crack cut
  4. Able to operate for a beginner with convenient method of operating and the program
  5. Able to emergently treat will self-diagnosis function when an error occurs
  6. Maximum working speed is 52m/min
Model EJSP V-4000 EJSP V-5000 EJSP V-6000
Machine Hight mm 750 750 750
Machine Width mm 2150 2150 2150
Machine Length mm 6100 7100 8100
Working Table mm 1570×4200 1570×5200 1570×6200
Display LCD Display LCD Display LCD Display
Least Input Increment 0.01×0.03 0.01×0.03 0.01×0.03
Memory Capacity CH 10000x500A CH 10000x500A CH 10000x500A
Clamp System Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Power volt 220(380)volt 220(380)volt 220(380)volt
Motor 5HP 5HP 5HP
Mitsubishi Servo & Drive 400W/3EA 400W/3EA 400W/3EA
Weight kg 7500 8000 9000