• With one machine, three operators can carry out respectively three jobs of punching, bending and cutting at the same time.
  • This machine is so simple-to-operate that whoever can run it without difficulties.
  • The operator can process accurately because the operator is able to work and check the processed surface visually.
  • A metal mold box is internal in the machine to keep a metal mold conveniently.
  • A material support can be used to process the heavy material conveniently.



Die and punch metal molds are available for each specification immediately.
Those not meeting the given specification can be custom-designed.



Those not meeting the given specification can be custom designed.



  • The operator can replace a metal mold very conveniently.
  • Being equipped with special pad plate which can be attached easily the operator can carry out Hole process under bending sequence.
  • A safety cover has been attached to the cutting unit for the operator’s safety.
  • Because the machine has been designed that scraps are pushed away automatically during the cutting process the abrasion of blade bas been minimized and the operator can work safety.
Spesification Material Thickness, Width Cylinder Stroke Punching Capacity (mm) Motor Weight
Punching COPPER T15XW150(200)mm 45mm Ø4.3 – Ø25 5HP-6P (220v-380V) 1,400 Kg (1,500 Kg)
AL T15XW150(200)mm Ø4.3 – Ø25
STEEL T6XW150(200)mm Ø8 – Ø20
Bending COPPER T15XW150(200)mm 90mm 5HP-6P
AL T15XW150(200)mm
STEEL T8XW150(200)mm
Cutting COPPER T15(T12)XW150(200)mm 50mm 7.5HP-6P
AL T15XW150(200)mm
STEEL T6XW1 00(100)mm