Compact Welding System PRO-W integrates high quality 30W-3000W YAG fiber coupled lasers from our Japanese partner into our 3-Axis cartesian co-ordinate systems. With our flexible numerical control system, users can easily calibrate pulse width, laser energy, peak value and repeatability of the laser for cutting or welding for various material.

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Features :

– Deformation and HAZ are minimized thanks to very small spot size, high energy density and short welding time;

– Deformation and damage are minimized thanks to non-contact processing without mechanical pressure;

– Non-contact processing makes the maintenance work easy;

– There is no need to consider electrical conductivity and conductive routing;

– Welding can be performed in the atmosphere, in an assist gas atmosphere or in vacuum;

– According to applications, the location of work piece and the laser irradiation point can be moved;

– Multi-spot simultaneous welding and time-sharing welding are utilized;

– Flexibility to incorporate automation and facilitates downsizing and cost reduction.

Power W 50
Wavelength pm 1.06 (YAG)
Marking Area mm 400×200
Speed mm/s < 7000
Depth mm > 0.1
Accuracy mm ±0.012/300
Repeatability mm ±0.003
Rotational Accuracy ±37360°
Graphics Interface DXF, PLT
Control Unit Industrial computer + Galvanometer
Ventilation System W 370
Electrical 220V/20A
Cooling W > 3000
Dimension mm 1400x650x1200