YAG Laser Engraving

Compact Welding System PRO-W integrates high quality 30W-3000W YAG fiber coupled lasers from our Japanese partner into our 3-Axis cartesian co-ordinate systems. With our flexible numerical control system, users can easily calibrate pulse width, laser energy, peak value and repeatability of the laser for cutting or welding for various material.

Drilling EDM

Drilling EDM Troop AT-Series Drilling EDM Machine is a production equipment designed for to bore holes with through 300 mm of soft or through hardened steel in less than 10 seconds, averaging 50% to 80% wear rate. Holes of 0.3 mm to 3.0 mm can be achieved in an efficient and automated process. Our 3-Axes system is particularly simple and easy to operate, making it possible to program a series of drilling within a few minutes of setup. By incorporating the Troop Drilling EDM equipment with a varied assortment of technologies, it gives tooling workshops the opportunity for wide diversification of services offered to customers.

DIE Sinking EDM

Die-Sinking EDM-Economical AT Series EDM was further developed at the basic of Taiwanese EDM technology. The processing is stable and produces an accurate and fine surface roughness suitable for most products. The machine is fabricated in-house under strict adherence to TUV SUD ISO-9001:2000 quality standards. AT-Series also comes in economical Z-Axis(ZNC) Automated control.

CNC Wire Cutting EDM

Precision Technology at an Affordable Price Through a combination of innovative technology and copyrights, Troop was the first in the industry to developed the “medium-speed” Molybdenum Wire Cutting EDM. This unique technology is suitable for the various industry looking for a WEDM production equipment with a precision accuracy of +/- 0.006mm and a surface roughness controlled at Ra < 1.2 micron.