SNC Automatic Saw with Shuttle Vise Smart NC-100 (SNC100) technology provides most of the benefits of NC controlled saws at a mere fraction of the cost. SNC100 controls are programmable up to 100 different jobs including quantity and length of cut. The control automatically compensates for Kerf loss after datainput and requires no manual calculation of number of times to index. Rugged, Dependable, and Advancd Technology, are all words that describe every Cosen SNC-100 Series Sawing Machine.



  • Oversized precision ground, large dual columns
  • Cross link connecting two columns for enhanced structural strength
  • Back-tilted saw frame for longer blade life
  • Hydraulic shuttle vise assembly


Blade Drive

  • Specially designed gearbox for high lateral pressure
  • Inverter controlled infinitely variable blade speed Blade Guidance & Lubrication System
  • Carbide blade guides with bearing guides
  • Two additional guides to support the blade from the top
  • Pitch design for coolant drainage
  • Synchronized power driven blade brush



  • Proximity switch for sensing blade slippage or breakage
  • Interlock design in electrical and hydraulic system
  • Conduits protection measure
  • “Alert Orange” safety measure


Standard Accessories

  • Blade “clip” device for easy blade change
  • Adjustable front plate for cut-off stock
  • Additional flushing hose
  • Bi-metal saw blade
  • Built in work light
  • Tool box, leveling pads, and an additional wire brush
  • Operation & parts manual
Model C-250NC C-300NC C-400NC C-460NC
Capacity Round 250mm 300mm 400mm 460mm
Square 250mm 300mm 400mm 460mm
Rectangular (Wx H) 280x250mm 340x300mm 400x400mm 460x460mm
Saw Blade Speed 20 – 100m/min
Size 3505x34x1.1mm 3820x34x1.1mm 4570x41x1.3mm 4670x41x1.3mm
Tension Hydraulic (Automatic blade breakage detection)
Motor Output Saw Blade 3HP 5HP 7.5HP 7.5HP
Hydraulic 1HP 1HP 2HP 2HP
Coolant 1/8HP 1/8HP 1/4HP 1/4HP
Hydraulic Tank 201L 251L 401L 401L
Coolant Tank 451L 451 L 801L 801L
Vise Control Hydraulic Hydraulic Full Stroke Cylinder
Automatic Indexing Length Single 403mm 403mm 593mm 593mm
Multiple Max. 99 mm
Rest Piece 50mm 50mm 90mm 90mm
Height Of Workbed 660mm 660mm 750mm 750mm
Gross weight 1650kgs 1800kgs 2750kgs 2900kgs
Floor Space 1956x2159x1679mm 2010x1890x1500mm 2450x2310x2300mm 2450x2310x2300mm