Semi-automatic Heavyduty Bandsaws

COSEN supplies a full range of semi-automatic band saws that exceed the requirements of all bandsawing applications. With its rigid construction and superior features, COSEN’s line of semi-automatic heavyduty bandsaws offers precision at the cutting edge, efficiency in operation and low cost per cut, and durability in a demanding production environment.


Solid Cast Hinge + Back Tilt Design

The hinge type saws feature precision bore cast iron hinge utilizing cutting edge technology ti offer long machine use. The rigid saw frame adopts a back tilt design, which contributes to:

  • Longer blade life due to less blade stress, saving your tooling costs
  • Smaller footprint due to more compact design


Hydraulic lifting take-in roller

The take-in roller is actuated in hydraulic force to lift up the stock for easy adjustment of the stock position. The hydraulic lifting roller and a fine feed hand wheel making loading and positioning of material simple. (Optional for SH-4030)

The bearing guides eliminate stress by pre-aligning the blade before it enters the carbide guide. There are two extra inserts located on a central axis, which supports the blade from the top, providing the blade with extra penetrating force. The carbide grooved guide allows coolant through, to lubricate and cool blade as well as work piece.

Max. Capacity 500 mm
500 mm
500×750 mm
Blade Capacity 6040Lx54Wx1.6Tmm
Speed 20 – 100 m/min
Tension Hydraulic (with blade breakage detector)
Motor Blade 5.5KW
Hydraulic 1.5KW
Coolant 0.18KW
Tank Hydraulic 40L
Coolant 85L
Work Bed height 700mm
Gross Weight 2600kgs
Floor Space (LxWxH) 1410x3150x2010mm