Traversing Head Vertical Plate Saw Cosen Plate Saws are available in various sizes of throat and bed length. Cosen plate saws offer many advantages over our competition with minimum floor space usage through traveling head design and blade deviation monitor. The biggest advantage Cosen Plate Sawing Systems offer: high quality, high precision,fast cutting rates, and affordable price.


The worktable is extra heavy duty to handle all sizes of plates regardless of weight. Its design facilitates loading and unloading by overhead crane or forklift with equal ease.

The Saw Arm’s extra wide frame gives a solid, vibration free support to the blade. The saw arm has an integral, self-contained hydraulic system that travels with the column. This design eliminates hydraulic hoses and connections traveling the length and being subject to inevitable leakage, wear and exposure to damage from material chips.The Saw Arm moves via three precision ground, steel wheels that ride on two hardened, heavy-duty double rails that run the length of the saw table. On the inner rail the two driving wheels and 6 guide rollers offer a smooth and stable feeding force, and on the outer rail the third wheel provides rigid support for the saw arm. This design gives the saw frame a rigid base to ensure the smoothest feeding movement.

Max. Capacity Height 800 mm
Throat 1300 mm
Cutting Length By order (max. 7000 mm)
Saw Blade Size (LxWxT) 7600x67x1.6mm
Speed 20 – 80 m/min
Motor Output Blade 15HP
Hydraulic 3HP / 2HP
Coolant 1/2HP
Work Height 1550 mm
Floor Space (LxWxH) Cutting Length : 6500 mm
9200x4250x3950 mm