Fully Automatic with Hydraulic Shuttle Vise Cosen H-type machines utilize hydraulic shuttle feed system, which offers extremely tight tolerances in both cutting repeatability and accuracy evenat high cutting rates. These machines are built for high to extreme production needs. Ideal for job shops or production facilities requiring long term reliability. AH series band saws offer dependability, precision, and ruggedness at an affordable price.

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Standard Features:

  • Infinite blade speed control with inverter
    ● Split front vise
    ● Idle wheel motion detector
    ● Precision pressure and feed rate dual valve
    ● Hydraulic blade tension device
    ● Self lubricating carbide and roller guide
    ● Built in work light
    ● Double retracting vise


Optional Accessories:

  • Mechanical stepless blade speed control device
    ● Full stroke hydraulic front/rear vises
    ● Vibration damper
    ● Hydraulic nesting fixture
    ● Power roller table
    ● Roller table (2M) with side roller
    ● Vise pressure regulator
    ● Hydraulic chip conveyor
    ● Deviation detector
Model AH-250H AH-300H AH-320H AH-400H AH-400H AH-460H
Max. Capacity 250mm 300mm 320mm 400mm 400mm 460mm
250x250mm 300x300mm 320x320mm 400x400mm 400x400mm 460x460mm
280x250mm 340x300mm 360x320mm 400x400mm 400x400mm 460x460mm
Saw Blade Speed 15 – 100m/min
Size 3505x34x1.1mm 3820x34x1.1mm 4240x34x1.1mm 4570x41x1.3mm 4570x41x1.3mm 4670x41x1.3mm
Tension Hydraulic
Motor Output Saw Blade 3HP 5HP 5HP 7.5HP 7.5HP 7.5HP
Hydraulic 1HP 1HP 1HP 2HP 2HP 2HP
Coolant Pump 1/8HP 1/8HP 1/8HP 1/4HP 1/4HP 1/4HP
Tank Capacity Hydraulic 401L 401L 381L 741L 741 881L
Coolant 641L 641L 581L 841L 841L 841L
Vise Control Stationary & Movable Hydraulic Vise Full Stroke Hydraulic front Vises
Feeding MODE Hydraulic Automatic
LENGTH One stroke 403 mm, Max. 3627 mm (0-9 times) One stroke 603 mm, Max. 5427 mm (0-9 times)
Height Of Workbed 6600mm 660mm 790mm 750mm 750mm 770mm
Gross weight 1300kgs 1500kgs 1700kgs 2400kgs 2400kgs 2500kgs
Floor Space 2090x1850x1700mm 2180x1950x1770mm 2180x2200x1990mm 2650x2700x2400mm 2650x2700x2400mm 2650x2700x2510mm