Hydraulic Press Brake (PPT/PPTK)

PPT(K) series press brakes is characterized by a mechanical forced synchronization system, which gives effective and precise control over the bending process. Sliders are made to move in parallel through the torsion axis, so as to achieve synchronization. For PPT(K) hydraulic servo (NC) bending machine, the nominal pressure is 40 tons to 200 tons and the width of plates for folding 1.25 meters to 4 meters.

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake (HPS)

As professional metal forming machine manufacturer and supplier, we provide HPS series press brakes. These bending machines can offer optimal accuracy with electric-hydraulic servo system and advanced CNC machine. The bending process can be set according to customers’ requirements. The non-corrosive surface allows much less maintenance for the press brakes. Special materials will be packed together to avoid possible damage during delivery. Our company offer excellent after-sale service and could help you know all the affecting factors to obtain the optimal bending process and accurate bending results.

Fixed and Variable Angle Notching (FN/VN)

Plate Notching Machine is mainly welded by compact steel plate, making it very durable and rugged. And compared with general punching machine, our notching machine provides more convenient and handy operation as the built-in knives of the machine can meet the production demand for general metal sheet processing. Hence, there is no need to manufacture a series of dies when processing a product from a certain angle or of certain thickness. Our Plate Notching Machine greatly saves the cost, improves the efficiency, lessens the working burden, decreases the accident rate and also avoids the trouble of repeatedly changing the dies and clamping. Meanwhile, its low noise creates a quiet working environment for the workers.

Hydraulic Combined Punching & Shearing (Q35Y20)

Q35Y Series Hydraulic ironworker with combined punching &shearing functions are capable of cutting and punching all kinds of materials such as plate, square bar, angle, round bar, channel and so on. Meanwhile, YSD industrial Hydraulic ironworker have been specially designed and built with highest quality standard, making it outstanding for quick deliveries. This profitable machine will surely bring great convenience and benefits to any grueling fabrication shop in the forthcoming decades.

Guillotine Shears Hydraulic and CNC (HGS/HGSK)

HGS (K) series guillotine shearing machines applies modern design with its frame designed by UG software. These hydraulic squaring shears are mainly used for cutting metal sheet. Due to whole welded structure, they have a frame with good strength and stiffness. This type of sheet metal guillotine is equipped with stable and reliable integrated hydraulic system which ensures safety and reliability. In addition, centralized button control station contributes to easy operation.

Hydraulic Guillotione Shears (HGN)

HGN (K) series power squaring shear machine adopts an optimized frame designed by UG-software. The wholly welded structure shows good strength and rigidity. Stable integrated hydraulic system contributes to safe and reliable operation. This type of shearing machines allows for blades gap and shearing angle adjustment, which is a key point to get desired products.

Hydraulic Guillotione Shears (HGO)

HGO(K) series hydraulic metal guillotine shears can be used to cut mild steel with thickness up to 6.35 mm and stainless steel with thickness up to 3 mm. The hydraulic guillotine machine is designed with maximum cutting length 4000 mm and maximum cutting force 165 kN. Our products are made under ISO9001 standards and feature in high quality. They are characterized by concise appearance and graceful outline. Additionally, these hydraulic guillotine machines offer easy manipulation, maintenance and regulation.