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  • As central welding manipulator, could work together with other accessory equipment such as welding roll or positioner etc. internal/external longitude and girth welding for tank, jar, valve etc.
  • Welder on transverse end, vertical and horizontal shifting, 360 degree rotation.
  • Optional different welder or double welder heads on both ends are available; accomplish automatic welding work with welding roll or positioner. Especially for pipe industry, pressure vessel production, metal structure manufacture etc.
  • AC frequency conversion speed regulator control for transverse moving and vertical post rotation. Stepless speed regulating, numeric display; preset parameter.
  • Transverse arm built-in manual or motor telescope system to add more effective travel.
  • Could assemble operator carriage chair or table shift together with transverse arm.
  • Small transverse arm assembly with small welder and monitoring system and flux automatic recovery system. Could achieve tank internal/external longitude and girth welding(above 400mm diameter) Reserved interface for connection and synchronized work with domestic or foreign welders, roller, positioner, turn table etc.
Model Transverse arm horizontal travel (mm) Transverse arm vertical travel (mm)
HCZ2015 2000 1500
HCZ3020 3000 2000
HCZ4030 4000 3000
HCZ6050 6000 5000
HCZ7040 7000 4000
HCZ8040 8000 4500