• Designed for straight-line cutting for ship building, bridge work and heavy machinery industry.
  • Compact structure.
  • Easy and safe operation.
  • Thristor steeples adjustment.
  • Available for >Ф200mm circle cutting.
  • Suitable for V bevel and Y bevel preparation.
  • Optional two torches for Higher cutting efficiency.
  • Digital panel is available



  • Concave rail 1 piece
  • Radius bar (position bar) 1 piece
  • Nozzle G02-1#,2#,3# 1 piece for each
Model Single Torch Double Torch
CG130 CG130
Power Source (V/Hz) AC220V, 50Hz AC220V, 50Hz
Cutting Thickness (mm) 8-100mm 8-100mm
Cutting Speed (mm) 50-750mm/min 50-750mm/min
Cutting Circle Diameter (mm) 0200- 02000mm 0200-02000mm
Cutting Mode Flame
Flame Cutting Gas Acetylene, Propane, LPG
Weight (Kg) 28.5 28.5
Machine Dimension LxWxH (mm) 470x230x240 470x230x240