Engine Driven

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  • Transformation between power generate and welding. Unique patent technology of transformation between power generate and welding, reduce the failure rate well.
  • High Quality Power Output. Provide greater starting capability for lots of loads.
  • Faster Response. Natural generators restore power immediately an outage occurs without any interruption of your activities.
  • DC welding with up to 5.0mm stick electrode. Whole range with different output range, welding from 1.6-5.0mm stick electrode.
  • Easy to use. Use large cart handle, 200-300mm diameter robust wheels, move more convenient.
  • Environment Friendly. Low emissions in lined with the international green trend. Some large generator adopts quiet case design, noise less than 75db.
Type Rock 400 diesel Rock 500 diesel Rock 600 diesel
Output voltage 120/240V, 50/60HZ
Output power 3KVA 3KVA 3KVA
Output current 80-400A 80-500A 80-600A
Start type Electric
Fuel tank 76L 76L 80L
Option engine Perkins
Net Weight (kg) 670 670 750