Guillotion Shearing Machine

Guillotine Shears Hydraulic and CNC (HGS/HGSK)

HGS (K) series guillotine shearing machines applies modern design with its frame designed by UG software. These hydraulic squaring shears are mainly used for cutting metal sheet. Due to whole welded structure, they have a frame with good strength and stiffness. This type of sheet metal guillotine is equipped with stable and reliable integrated hydraulic system which ensures safety and reliability. In addition, centralized button control station contributes to easy operation.

Hydraulic Guillotione Shears (HGN)

HGN (K) series power squaring shear machine adopts an optimized frame designed by UG-software. The wholly welded structure shows good strength and rigidity. Stable integrated hydraulic system contributes to safe and reliable operation. This type of shearing machines allows for blades gap and shearing angle adjustment, which is a key point to get desired products.

Hydraulic Guillotione Shears (HGO)

HGO(K) series hydraulic metal guillotine shears can be used to cut mild steel with thickness up to 6.35 mm and stainless steel with thickness up to 3 mm. The hydraulic guillotine machine is designed with maximum cutting length 4000 mm and maximum cutting force 165 kN. Our products are made under ISO9001 standards and feature in high quality. They are characterized by concise appearance and graceful outline. Additionally, these hydraulic guillotine machines offer easy manipulation, maintenance and regulation.