Drilling Machine

Angle Punching (AZD)

AKD Angle Punching, Shearing & Marking Line will save your time… Akyapak, AKD Angle Punching, Shearing & Marking Line, provides a new production solution for power plant or electrical poles, towers, oil refineries and all steel construction works that require quick but high quality operations without wastage. Designed to punch 40x40 - 160x160 L angle bars up to ø32 automatically and to cut them in programmed lengths with speed and high quality. 12 meter input and 12 meter output stands, pushing jaw enables to increase to efficiency and your works will be completed much more quickly. With AKD, having loading unit with capacity of 5 profiles, you will save your time.

CNC Beam Drilling, Marking, Cutting Line (ADM)

With there separate independent spindle units, the profile can be drilled from three sides. There are four tool changing systems with four-toolings capacity for each spindle. Firstly, material to drill (profile, box profile, angle) is placed on infeed conveyor. The workpiece, which is hold with handle claw of drive machine, is driven into the drilling machine and the position of the piece is set to zero by laser light. Drilled workpiece, (if available) is driven to the angled bandsaw with handle claw of drive machine.* Sawing can be done in desired lenght and angle (-44/+60°). Sawed rolls of material are driven to the output conveyor.