Best Products

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake (HPS)

As professional metal forming machine manufacturer and supplier, we provide HPS series press brakes. These bending machines can offer optimal accuracy with electric-hydraulic servo system and advanced CNC machine. The bending process can be set according to customers’ requirements. The non-corrosive surface allows much less maintenance for the press brakes. Special materials will be packed together to avoid possible damage during delivery. Our company offer excellent after-sale service and could help you know all the affecting factors to obtain the optimal bending process and accurate bending results.

Hydraulic Swing-Beam Shear (HGL)

Thanks to its ergonomic design and long-life rigid structure, it provides dynamic and extremity sensitive prolificacy. It contributes to your budget with its low business investment. By preferring HGL upcut shears, you will make the best choice in its class with speed, performance and cutting sensitivity.

4 Roller Hydraulic Plate Bending (AHS)

Since the swing guides are designed according to the lever arm principle, the machine provides more power to bend the material, pre-bending becomes perfect and flat ends decrease to minimum level. Drop end opens and then top roll tilts up sequentially to remove the finished part with ease. Drop end opens and then top roll tilts up sequentially to remove the finished part with ease.


Fully Automatic with Hydraulic Shuttle Vise Cosen H-type machines utilize hydraulic shuttle feed system, which offers extremely tight tolerances in both cutting repeatability and accuracy evenat high cutting rates. These machines are built for high to extreme production needs. Ideal for job shops or production facilities requiring long term reliability. AH series band saws offer dependability, precision, and ruggedness at an affordable price.