Our Partners

1-logo-akyapakAKYAPAK group, which has 25 thousand square meters covered technological manufacturing facility, is a source of pride for both Bursa and Turkey… Established in 1962 in Bursa, AKYAPAK, with the determination it kept from the first day on, followed closely the innovation and technology, and reached its present worldwide fame. AKYAPAK, having its manufacturing plant and headquarters in Bursa, continues to shape technology both in Turkey and in the world with its regularly trained 350 experienced staff. AKYAPAK machines provide customers with high quality manufacture and application solutions in many fields directing the global economy such as automotive, marine and aviation technology, construction, heating and cooling, energy, petrochemistry, defense industries. Today, AKYAPAK machines are used in the factories of world’s giants like Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Harley Davidson, Rolls Royce and in Turkish aviation and defense industries with TAI and Roketsan. The manufacture and construction processes of famous structures like Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul Park tribunes and of vehicles and constructions that are a part our daily life like automobiles, motorcycles, ships, airplanes, airports, bridges, stadiums, steel construction buildings, skyscrapers, wind turbines, petrol stations introduce the signature of AKYAPAK machines.




Established in 1958, HUBEI TRI-RING METALFORMING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD, also known as YSD, is a professional manufacturer that designs and produces sheet metal forming machines in China. Our main products include press brakes, hydraulic guillotine shears, fine blanking machine, turret punch presses, hydraulic presses, automatic cold header, etc. YSD has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 1998. We share a 30-year cooperation with Belgium LVD Company and started to introduce its machine tool technology in 1981. Since 2009, LVD Company has invested 30% stake in the YSD Company. With advanced technology from LVD Company and our own R&D strength, we are capable of producing high-quality bending and shearing machines to satisfy needs of customers in all kinds of industries throughout the world. YSD strictly meet with the standards certification including ISO9001, CE, CSA, HPS, DHC, etc, so as to ensure high quality of products. What’s more, YSD bending and shearing machines are awarded as CHINA TOP BRAND by the Chinese government, and the company ranked among the TOP 10 export enterprises in 2011. Additionally, YSD press brake is the only brand which is entitled as the Gold Brand by Chinese Industrial Ministry. YSD owns more than 80% market shares for the field of metal forming machines in China. With sales agents spread over 72 countries and regions including European, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc, YSD keeps being the biggest exporter for bending and shearing machines among all Chinese machine manufacturers during the past decades. And every year about 1800 press brakes and shearing machines are applied world widely. Additionally, more than 21,000 sets of our metal forming machines have been sold for customers all around the world.



3-logo-baykalWith a foundation history going back to early 1950s, Baykal today is placed as a leading manufacturer and global supplier of sheet metal working machinery specialising in the production of press brakes, shears, notchers, punching machines, laser cutting systems, plasma cutting machines, waterjet cutting and Vertical Machining Centers. For its manufacturing operations Baykal utilises three factories which together combine a production area of 70,000 square meters, making it one of Europe’s largest facility for sheet metal working and fabricating machinery. The total workforce at Baykal is currently numbered at 650 employees and is composed of highly trained and qualified machine operators and assembly technicans supported by a staff of 80 engineers. All the machines offered by Baykal are designed, manufactured, assembled and finished wholly at Baykal’s purpose-built plants in a CAD environment with extensive use of CNC machining and modern workshop equipment. Baykal company is accredited for the ISO 9001 Certification issued by the German TÜV institution. Also, since 1995, Baykal has been building machines in conformity with the Europan CE regulations for safety, being the first Turkish machine-tool manufacturer certified eligible to bear the CE Mark on its products. In addition, all Baykal products are manufactured with the TSE and TSEK quality certificates issued by the Turkish Standards Institution.



4-logo-jorns-agJorns AG has been developing and producing sheet metal working machines since Kurt Jorns took over the company Konrad in 1973. Forward-looking action remains the key element enabling our company to play a leading role nationally and internationally. We deliver efficient systems of work for our customers with our highly regarded products such as bending machines, compact strip cutting lines, decoiler and recoiler. Our products range from the simple NC controlled machine to the high sophisticated CNC controlled sheet metal bending machine. The machines are developed by the internal team of engineers. With a high ratio of in-house production, the components are manufactured in the departments of metalworking, milling, drilling, warehouse. In the assembly process, which is accomplished by the departments of pre- and final assembly, machines in a wide variety, in length of 3-12 meters and sheet processing capacities of 0.5-3mm in steel, are assembled. Jorns cooperates with about 40 suppliers. These partners fulfil working steps, for which we are not equipped or in order to cover peak load. In 2005, Marc Jorns took over the company from his father and runs the company since in second generation. Jorns employs a number of 65 workers. This team manufactures 120 bending machines, 30 double bending machines as well as 12 compact strip cutting lines which are distributed by 30 independent agencies worldwide.



5-logo-jfyJiangsu Jinfangyuan CNC Machine Company Limited, located in the high-tech zone of Yangzhou City, is designated as a National High-tech enterprise. As the largest CNC plate processing facility manufacturing base in China, the products have been exported to all of the world. It also passed ISO9001 Quality System Certificate and CE Certificate. The company is accepted as the leader of technology in the line, all the products are CNC controlled. The main products are: DMT, MT ,HVT, VT and ET series CNC turret punch machine, TFC, HFC series CNC precise laser cutting machine, HPR, PR, PE series CNC hydraulic pressbrake, VR,BLVR series CNC shearing machine, MCZ series CNC bus bar punch & bending machine, FMC series CNC punch FMS for lorry carling, AMCP series CNC punch FMS for U-Type lorry carling, and APSS series punch-and-shearing combined FMS. JFY Company and Germany Trumpf Group set up the joint venture in September of 2013. The two strong companies combine together to complements each other’s advantages. Since then, JFY devotes itself into the research, production and sales of CNC sheet metal processing equipment with higher starting point to make itself much stronger, longer and larger in this area; JFY puts efforts to expand the domestic market and meanwhile, JFY attaches great attention to the international market network instruction to speed up the company transformation and upgrading to make JFY brand goes better and faster towards the international market.



6-logo-golden-laserGolden Laser (Stock Code 300220) is a listed enterprise committed to providing laser solutions for global customers. Golden Laser has the professional R & D team as well as comprehensive sales network. Our product line includes more than 100 series machines, such as laser cutting, laser engraving, laser marking, fiber laser cutting, YAG laser cutting, bridge laser embroidery, 3D printer and so on, which are applied to various fields covering fabric textiles, garment clothing, denim jeans, labels, printing & packaging, shoe leather, filters, industrial fabrics, advertising, carpets, automotive interiors, metal processing and other industries. Among the products and technologies we developed, Golden Laser has got many national patents and software copyrights, CE and FDA certification. Golden Laser is the top brand in textile and apparel applications. Laser machine is perfectly applied to cut upholstery textile, industrial fabric, leather, custom-tailor garment, carpet, roll to roll sticker label, high speed engraving jeans and roll fabric, etc. Golden Laser Intelligent cutting system integrates order management, CAD design, digitize, grade, auto-nesting, feeding, rewinding and cutting process to simplify the traditional processing. In the solid materials and advertising industries, Golden Laser introduced a variety of practical and efficient products and solutions, especially in acrylic, wood, plastic plates, models, advertising sign and LED light boxes, Golden Laser engraving cutting machines have been widely used. In the field of metal processing, Golden Laser introduced a variety of efficient and practical solutions. Our fiber laser cutting machines have been widely used in sheet metal, cabinet, machinery manufacturing, hardware, kitchenware, elevator, electrical parts, advertising signs and other industries, and to the advantage of the lead. The functions in cutting processing, which are Lead-in/Lead-out Line, Bridge Cutting, Micro-connection, Rest Material Nesting, Common Line Cutting and Following Focus, are praised by customers.



7-logo-woojin-precisionBased on Technology over 25 years, Woo Jin Prec, and IND. CO., LTD. Manufactures high quality products at competitive prices, and then recompences customers for their support. Moreover, Woo Jin Prec. and IND. CO., LTD. Makes every endeavor to meet various customers needs. We have been specialized in manufacturing busbar and panel processing for nearly two decades only to contribute to the development of the domestic machine industry, and even now we are making our best research and development efforts despite nations various economic difficulties. We, Woojin Precision, have been manufacturing cheaper but more efficient machines only to be reputed among large companies as well as among small and medium business. We assure you that our continuous efforts for technological innovation will meet ever diversifying needs from the customers. Woo jin Prec, and IND. CO. LTD. Supplies high quality products recognized from many domestic and foreign companies with the strict quality control and after sales service. Woo jin Prec, and IND. CO. LTD. Always endeavors to advance with customers and listen to customers though they are few with the spirit of service.



9-logo-ketecGuangzhou KETEC Mould Industrial Limited was established in 1998, specializing in the production and sales of CNC punch press tooling, bending tools, precision auto mold parts, high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, China Mould Association, key enterprises, China’s mold industry leading CNC sheet metal business. The fixed assets of 150 million yuan, registered capital of 50 million yuan, the country has 24 direct sales and service department. YEARS company responsible for drafting the “special mold CNC turret punch press the” standard JB / T 10928-2010, by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Ministry, on July 1, 2010 implementation. Factory is located in Guangzhou Conghua Pearl Industrial Park (a total of two plants), with a total construction area of 47,000 square meters. The first factory in Korea Peak Road 7, building area of 30,000 square meters, mainly produces CNC punch press for mold; second factory in the industrial South Road, construction area of 17,000 square meters, the main production bending tools. YEARS company adhere to the “integrity, quality, professional service” business philosophy, adhere to the “well-designed, Seiko secret agents, prevention, continuous improvement,”dedicated, professional, expert” marketing ideas for CNC sheet metal processing customers with quality mold products and services. KETEC’s mold products range, advanced technology, stable quality, cost-effective advantages of being widely recognized by customers in various industries, honored to serve more than 5,000 domestic and sheet metal business services.



10-logo-cosenCosen was founded in 1976 in Hsinchu, Taiwan as a parts-making machine tool company. Although started small, Cosen had a big dream ahead. A full year of hard work put in studying bandsawing machines bear fruits, and in the second year of establishment Cosen successfully developed its first manual bandsaw line, MHV-180AE and MHV-230E and was ready to fully dedicate to manufacturing and providing the best sawing system and service to the world. In the subsequent years, Cosen grew rapidly and has become one of the largest professional bandsawing manufacturers and exporters worldwide. Today’s Cosen manufactures over 100 models including manual, semi-automatic, automatic, NC, and CNC sawing system in types and from 200mm to 2000mm in capacities. The sawing system in particular is made up by 6 units, which include CNC bandsawing machine, magazine bar-feed system, marking system, rest-piece system, long piece storage and short piece sorting. In order to satisfy our customers and meet market needs, Cosen never stops its footsteps in making better, newer bandsawing machines. With a record of more than 82,000 band saws sold to five continents including Australia, United States, Russia, United kingdom, Germany and Japan, Cosen’s markets expand internationally to over 80 countries through authorized distributors for the metal cutting industry. With our three-decade-long never-ending passion for bandsawing and commitment to the industry, Cosen will continue to bring to our customers the best sawing technology, product innovation and customer experience.



14-logo-kitamuraThe 70’s brought Kitamura to a new level of advancement with the development of our first Vertical Machining Centers. With an ultra-fast ATC design idea born of the Senju-Kannon statue, Kitamura brought to market the T-12, T-15 and T-20 VMC’s – Each machine layering technologies from its predecessor. With patents obtained and awards won as a result of these developments, Kitamura began to focus its efforts on machining center manufacture well before its competition and began to establish itself as a leader in highly accurate, high quality machine tools. The 80’s propelled Kitamura into the development of fully automated Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers with a focus on high speed and high quality standard features that would soon become a cornerstone of the Kitamura brand.  Development of the Supercell-300, the first of its kind in the world, brought Kitamura to the forefront of 5-axis, automated machining.  Far ahead of its time, Kitamura has since built on these technologies with new developments in vertical and horizontal 5-axis unmanned machining. The 90’s saw a focus on rigidity in machine construction and high speed spindle technology. Kitamura builds upon box way technology and reaches 1969ipm, the fastest available (yet today) on solid box ways. R & D into speed and high precision continues with gear driven spindle development, reaching 20,000rpm spindle speeds soon to be brought to market. Patented twin ballscrew and dual feedback technology is introduced as an ultra- high precision base component for Kitamura’s heavy duty line of horizontal machining centers. Today’s TGA-Series machining centers are built on this premise of accuracy, speed and truth in machine design and manufacture.



17-logo-hugongShanghai Hugong Electric (Group) Co., Ltd is one of leading companies manufacturing welding and cutting equipment. It has an excellent reputation in the fields of welding and cutting. With its wide range of products, Hugong meets the requirement of all the sectors, from DIY to professional use, from specialist to the industrial user. Hugong has more than 40years experience of welding and 60years experience of cutting. Based in Shanghai, China, the company has about 66000m2 of efficient and modern production facilities, 1000employees, 48 subsidiary companies and 800 distributors in China and overseas. With skilled personnel and a large research and development team, the company provides reliable, innovative products with excellent performance using the ISO9000:2000 quality control system to service clients. Shanghai Hugong Electric (Group) Co., is the proprietor of “HUGONG” brand. It was awarded by Shanghai government as “Excellent Enterprise” for a continuous span of 10 years and “Model unit” for a 4 successive years. Hugong also has been awarded “High Tech Company” and a major “special supported company” as judged by the government. Shanghai Gas welding equipment Co., Ltd- a HUGONG company, which has more than 55 year’s history. It is the first cutting equipment company and one of the biggest cutting equipment producers in China. The first CNC gantry cutting system and portable cutting machines of China were originally designed by this company. In 1990s, was a joint venture organization of a leading global welding and cutting machine manufacturer for producing both gantry cutting system and portable cutting machine in China.



18-logo-huaruiChangzhou Huarui Welding & Cutting ­­­ Famous manufacturer of welding and cutting equipment and accessories in China, located in XiaZhuang, XueYan Industrial park, ChangZhou city, covers an area of 32000m2,and have 280 staffs. Since the establishment in 1985, the company has become one of the biggest manufacturers of welding and cutting equipment and accessories in China by modern manufacturing equipment and special technology. The product has gained ISO9001, CCC, CE, ROHS, SGS, TUV certification. The company specialized in manufacturing MIG, TIG, PLASMA, Welding Torches and Spare parts. The annual output of Welding Torches exceed 450000 sets, annual output of contact tips exceed 17000000pcs. The products are mainly for exporting, can fit different kinds of foreign equipment, and gain high reputation from customers on the basis of best quality and Service.