• INTECUT is strong alloy structure to achieve portable and reliable purpose
  • Installation can be finished in 30 minutes
  • CNC is with 7” colorful displayer and interfaces,English,Russian,Spanish,Portuguese,French,Danish,Korean,Chinese,Thai language.
  • 44 shapes in CNC library. It is easy for user to choose and set parameters.
  • Functions for both flame cutting and plasma cutting.
  • Program are built in for improving cutting quality, includes speed, pierce time,pulse,motions,etc.
  • Easy exchanging between flame and plasma cutting model
  • USB port for inputting and outputting drawings
  • Compatible for nesting software, FastCAM,MTC,Turbonest,etc. Drawings from AUTOCAD,TEKLA and SOLIDWORKS are easily used
Model Intecut 3 Intecut 4 Intecut 5
Input Voltage 220V (Customised voltage is available)
Frequency 50 or 60Hz
Input Power 180W
Monitor LCD 5.7″ with keyboard
Effective Cutting Size 1220×2000 1220×3400 1500×3400
Moving Speed Idle speed : 0-6000mm/min
Flame Cutting Speed Cutting speed : 6-750mm/min
Transverse Arm 2000mm 2000mm 2300mm
Rail Length 2500mm 4000mm 4000mm
Total Weight 100kg 120kg 130kg
Cutting Mode Flame/Plasma
Cutting Gas Acetylene, Propane, Methane, LPG